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Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp

Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp

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Add the energy of the pyramid salt lamp to your office or study and enjoy its subtle glow all day long. The lovely design is sure to impress you.

Available in Small 6" or Large 7"


The process that Himalayan salt lamps use to change unhealthy positive ions to healthy negative ions is quite simple. When there is moisture in the air, and your lamp is turned on, this moisture is taken in by the salt lamp. The positive ions are rendered harmless, and the lamp puts beneficial negative ions in the atmosphere. These negative ions can help with many everyday concerns like asthma, allergies, fatigue, bad smells, and much more. The Himalayan salt lamp cleans the air, mush like an ionizer, but without the need for expensive filters or cleaning. All the maintenance your salt lamp needs is to be wiped with a soft cloth if excess moisture builds up on the lamp. As long as you keep it away from too much water, your salt lamp will give you years of normal ion output. When there are more negative ions in the air, it is easier to breathe, people report an easier time sleeping, far fewer symptoms from allergies and breathing issues, and even a better mood. Many people that buy one salt lamp end up ordering lamps for their entire home because they love the way their home smells, and they adore being able to enjoy cleaner, fresher air, which contains less dust and allergens.