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How To Start 2020 Off Right


50 New Years Resolution Ideas:

With 2020 in full swing, here are some ideas to add to your New Years resolutions list. 2020 is a new year with limitless possibilities. You are capable of anything you set you mind to and in this new year devote yourself to making this year the best yet. Use this fresh start to pursue what sets your soul on fire. Be committed to your goals and never look back. As you continue to read this blog consider adding any of these 50 resolutions to your list for an even more productive 2020.📈✅

1) Start your own business or scale one that you already have

2) Learn a new skill/take a class/get a certification 

3) Create a savings goal or budget

4) Invest your money in the stock market

5) Create a reading goal

6) Book all doctors appointments for the year

7) Create a diet plan that works for you

8) Social media detox 

9) Get up with the sunrise

10) Create a nutrition plan that works for you

11) Create a flower or vegetable garden

12) Take time to connect with nature

13) Create and follow a morning and nightly routine

14) Drink more water

15) Try a new hobby out/ get creative

16) Create an exercise plan and routine 

17) Travel somewhere new

18) Take vitamins

19) Learn a new language

20) Create a website/blog

21) Create your own podcast

22) Write a book

23) Quit Drinking

24) Break three bad habits and replace them with 3 good ones

25) Declutter

26) Refurbish and sell used items

27) Stop drinking soda or sugary drinks

28) Spend more time with friends and family

29) Meditate once a day

30) Journal more

31) Reduce your screen time 

32) Be more productive/time management

33) Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night

34) Pay off debt

35) Use a planner

36) Get organized

37)  Create a plan for the next day

38) Pray every night

39) Create a bucket list

40) Do yoga

41) Create multiple income streams

42) Surround yourself with positive influences

43) Practice acceptance

44) Identify and stop negative self talk

45) Find balance in your life

46) Get out of your comfort zone

47) Identify long term goals

48) Create a sacred space in your home

49) Get started on one thing you’ve been putting off

50) Make one persons day each day

With all these goals in mind take the time to customize them to your own lifestyle. This list solely serves as an inspiration for ideas but with everyone’s lifestyle being different create a plan that work best for you. Most importantly however, know that just by reading this blog you are putting in an effort towards you spiritual and mental well-being. I hope that with the new year comes many blessing and endless possibilities. 

As part of my New Years resolutions I’d like to thank all of you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog. I know that these resolution ideas have improved my life tremendously and I know they will help you as well. Cheers to 2020, may it be the most prosperous year yet!✨










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