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50 Valentines Day and Anniversary Ideas

Looking for ways to spruce up your relationship? Are you tired of using the same date night ideas over and over again? Well you’re in the right place! This list of 50 anniversary and Valentine’s Day ideas has a unique twist on the traditional date nights. Make your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day one to remember with these 50 meaningful ideas.  

This list is designed to show your significant other how much you care. In modern society there has been such an emphasis on materialism, that relationships suffer as a result. We try to use materialistic items as a way of connecting with someone on a deeper level but instead only create a shallow bond. Love is so much more than any possession money could buy. There is no price to love and when creating this list of 50 date ideas I tried to keep them as meaningful and budget friendly as possible. It is the time and effort that keeps a relationship together, and this list encompasses a wide range of unique ways to express your love to your partner. Without further delay, here are the top 50 Valentine’s Day and anniversary ideas to make any loved one feel special:


  1. Create a couples vision board: Where many relationships go astray is because not many couples talk about their goals. Many people are destined on certain paths in life and have preferences that may conflict with your own. This is why I really love the vision board idea. A couples vision board allows both people to identify their values and goals in life and create a plan that helps that relationship work more as a team. It opens up deep and meaningful conversation that is very beneficial to the longevity of a relationship.
  2. Create a prayer box: Back around six months of me being with my boyfriend I created the prayer jar for both of us to fill out every night before bed. This has been one of the most beneficial things I could say that I’ve come up with for my relationship and I’m sure it will help yours as well. I bought a black photo box and decorated it, inside held index cards, pens, a cross (or whatever symbolic item of your choice) and a small inspirational sign. This prayer box has helped ,e and Joshua deal with the hard times in our lives in a much healthier way and kept us motivated and positive through it all. Having a serious health condition of my own, type one diabetes, this prayer box has helped me tremendously through all the ups and downs in my health and really strengthened our relationship as a result.
  3. Create a relationship timeline photo album: Another meaningful and priceless way to show your partner how much they mean to you. Fill a photo album or create your own little love story and give it to your spouse and watch their face light up as they turn through the chapters of your relationship together.
  4. go on a picnic to a memorable location: A great way to get outdoors and share a moment and a hand made meal in an area that has had an impact on your relationship. It could be a place where you had your first kiss, where you first met or any significant “first” in your relationship.
  5. Leave inspirational post it notes for your partner to see: One of the easiest yet most meaningful ways to show anyone that you care. It is perfect for busy people to fit into their daily schedule and brighten the day of their significant other.
  6. Create a saving goal jar: Creating a savings goal jar or savings account is a great way to ensure that your lifelong goals together as a couple are being met. Save up for anything of your choice and save towards that goal as a team and watch the money add up.
  7. Have an at home spa/relaxation day: Nothing is more refreshing than a spa or relaxation time after a long day. Light some candles, incense, or fancy it up with rose petals and get a hot bath or shower running for your spouse. Do a nice hot foot soak with essential oils as well as face masks together. You both deserve it and what a perfect time to enjoy each others company.
  8. Read a book together: Nothing is more relaxing than reading a good book. Enjoy this activity with your spouse. You can go outside and read or maybe even invest in a cheap hammock to sit together in and read.
  9. Clean the house or do a chore the other person normally does: Nothing is more satisfying than coming home to a clean house or bedroom. You can even dress the area up a little and go the extra mile with candles and I’m sure turning a mess into a clean sanctuary will make both you and your spouse very happy too.
  10. Go to the gym together: Nothing is better than reenforcing good habits for each other. Head to the gym or do at home couple workouts and make it interesting. More importantly both of you will be more motivated to accomplish it together. 
  11. Make a handmade card: Nothing is more meaningful than a handmade card (even if you aren’t the most artistic). I promise anything handmade will make the other persons day.
  12. Do a DIY project together:  Doing a DIY project is not only a useful way to be productive but it’s also a great way to get creative with your spouse. Dress up an old cabinet or build something for the home. You can do anything really and it makes for a great way to better understand you partners taste, compromise, and create a meaningful piece for the home.
  13. Create “open when” letters: Open when letters are when you essentially create cards ahead of time and place them in envelopes and basically tell your spouse when to open the cards. If you want more ideas on how to do this head on Pinterest and I’m sure there is a plethora of creative ideas for this project.
  14. Make “love coupons”: Love coupons are an easy and cute way of spending your time. Just create or printout little coupons and come up with ideas as to what your spouse can redeem from them. This is a perfect and easy idea for Valentine’s or anniversary’s.
  15. Go for a bike ride: I am always I big fan of getting outdoors and riding a bike is a great way to explore your local area. You’ll be surprised how much you will notice that you never even knew was there and it’s a great way to spend quality time with those you love.
  16. Have a bonfire under the stars: Nothing is more beautiful than a clear, starry, summer night. Have prepared a little s’mores area near the bonfire and even spruce it up with some sparklers or paper lanterns. 
  17. Have a game night: Whether it’s video games or board games any game is great for enticing some friendly competition. You can even raise the stakes by having an advantage for the winner😏
  18. Write a heartfelt letter: Both me and my boyfriend regularly write letters to each other and if you can take away anything from this list this would be it. For someone who has difficulty with verbally communicating, writing letters is an amazing way to convey your love and passion for your loved one. Writing letters has become a staple in our relationship and I credit it as being one of the main reasons we have a successful relationship.
  19. Put love notes in balloons: So I did this idea for my boyfriends 20th birthday. I bought a bunch of balloons, filled them with confetti and “20 things I love about you” letters in each one and had him pop them all. This was such a creative idea and I think it’s definitely something you should definitely try out.
  20. Help each other learn a skill you’ve always wanted to do: In a relationship you aim to build each other up, so why not learn a new skill together too. It’s a great way to build up both of your credentials and together you lift each other up in the process.
  21. Create a “365 love jar”: A “365 love jar” is where for one year you add a note a day into the jar and at the end of one year read each of your responses and reminisce. You can right about anything you choose but some ideas can include, what you did together today, important milestones, funny events, and so forth. It’s a great way to remind each other of all the good times you’ve had together over the past year.
  22. Have a water ballon fight: Nothing like a little healthy competition to keep your spouse on their toes. This is a fun idea to do during the summer. Leave your loved one a container of food colored water balloons and a note to “come find me”. Watch as you and your partner have the time of your lives.
  23. Go fishing: Nothing like a relaxing day on the water enjoying nature and catching (or in my case not catching😂) fish. I do enjoy fishing and it’s a great date idea if you are looking for something relaxing to do with your partner for a date idea. You can even bring a book too and read a little.
  24. Give each other a couples massage: Get some nice scented lotion, light a couple of candles and make a special night out of giving each other a nice back, neck, or foot massage.
  25. At home movie night: Nothing like a good movie marathon and some popcorn to make a night special. Pick out some movies or binge watch your favorite tv series together. 
  26. Create a “Love Scavenger hunt”: Create a trail of rose petals and clues to what the end surprise will be. You could even personalize it by adding pictures from the beginning of your relationship till now and have a nice handmade item waiting for your loved one to find. This is one of the cutest ideas I have yet to try out.☺️
  27. Recreate your first date: Another great way to create an amazing night with your partner is by recreating your first date. Try to remember every detail and make it a memorable reminiscence of when your relationship first started to blossom.
  28. Make his/her favorite meal: Another great way to show you care is by remembering your partners favorite dish and recreating it for them. Nothing like a romantic at home candle light dinner to spruce up the evening. The thought itself of remembering a small detail like that will make your spouses day.
  29. Try a winter sport together: Whether it’s skiing, sledding, snowman making, igloo building, iceskating, snowball fighting try something new outdoors during a season where most only stay inside. Make fun out of the winter season and make a date out of it too!
  30. Do something crafty together: My number one go to for anything. Crafts are a great way to get creative and have a fun time with you partner in the process. Use this creative time to make something meaningful for each other or take up a new hobby or learn a new skill in the process. I’m currently working on a hand knitted blanket for my boyfriend and soon hope to test out my hand embroidery skills.
  31. Go camping/glamping: Camping is an amazing way to bond with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Out in the wilderness completely disconnected from social media and technology just spending time in nature surrounded by its beauty. If your spouse isn’t one to “rough it” try out glamping which is a more modern way to camp with all the amenities.
  32. Go hiking: Try taking your spouse on a hike in a new area. Take a little road trip and explore and adventure. All the wrong turns and lost gps signals may lead you to a place so beautiful, you almost never knew it existed. 
  33. Do yoga/meditation together: Try you and your partners hand at a little bit of yoga. Roll out your yoga mat and try some simple yet relaxing stretches like downward dog, tree pose, and the cat and cow. In addition, apps like calm can help in guided meditations. If you don’t want guided meditations another way you can get the same effect is through Tibetan singing bowls. Listen as the harmonious vibrations of the bowls relax you and your partner. 
  34. Have an at home slow dance sesh: Another one of my favorite things is playing a John legend song and slow dancing with your love. It is something that cost nothing but is such a meaningful idea that will melt his/her heart.
  35. Photoshoot of each other: Nothing like boosting each others self-confidence and finding a reason to dress nice. We all need to feel confident in our own skin so get out that camera and even get some cute pictures together.
  36. Create a couples bucket list: Another great idea is creating a couple bucket list. Talk with each other and generate some adventurous ideas and goals you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime together.
  37. Plant a garden together: Nothing like getting down and dirty and planting a flower, fruit, or vegetable garden. Choose what plants you’d both like to start growing and when you’re done, feel the satisfaction of having grown your own food. Even better you can save on groceries!
  38. Go to a drive in movie theater: If you’re feeling like ditching the traditional movie theater setting try a drive in! Get some blankets and your spouses favorite snacks and surprise them with a vintage trip to the drive in movie theater.
  39. Journal together: I love creating healthy habits and I think being a positive influence to each other is essential to any relationship. You can either share a journal and create a joint journaling project or make time for you each to do a journal of your own. It’s a great way to relieve any pent up emotions in a healthy way and to reflect on all the positive aspects of your life. 
  40. Create a healthy habit routine together: Create a joint effort to eliminate a bad habit you as a couple share and replace it with one good habit. 
  41. Do seasonal activities together: Depending on your geographical location these events may vary but try and go to places like farmers markets, pick apples (or any other fruit in your area), go to a haunted house, go karts, or even seeing the Christmas lights.
  42. Create a corny love poem: Sayings like “I love you a latte”, and “you guac my world” are just two examples of really cute plays on words that could just melt your partners heart. Even make your own twist on the “roses are red, violets are blue” poem.
  43. water gun fight (or snowball fight): This is a really fun and cute idea to add some laughs to your relationship. It can add some funny memories to your relationship and something you can both look back on and get a good laugh and not to mention you get to have fun in the process.
  44. Try horseback riding: Another really great idea is to try out horseback riding. Depending on your area some trails are nicer than others and are truly romantic. Either way horseback is a great way to try and learn something adventurous with your spouse. Who wouldn’t want to ride off into the sunset with the love of your life?
  45. Do an activity you both love to do: I do try to keep some of my list open ended as I know based on personal preferences some items on this list may not be your cup of tea. But if there is some activity that both you and your partner share a passion of, by all means make a surprise date out of it and enjoy that activity together.
  46. Make pizza together: Another cute idea is make homemade pizza together. Add all your favorite toppings and even experiment with it. Homemade pizza is a great way to bond over some great tasting food and have the pride of saying you made it together.
  47. Go for a run: If you love exercise and are looking to be outside take a run with your spouse on a nice outdoor trail. Even prepare for a race if your partner is up to it.
  48. Play a sport together: Even if you aren’t the most athletic going outside and playing a sport can be enjoyable for all people. It may lead to some funny stories (unintentionally😂) but nothing a little friendly competition can’t fix. 
  49. Make a time capsule and bury it: Another great way to preserve some memories is by creating a couples time capsule with a letter and some meaningful items to your relationship and bury it. Open it up decades later and look back at your relationship all that time ago.
  50. Dress up and go to a nice dinner: Everyone needs an occasion to dress up and get out of the house. Surprise your spouse and take him/her to their favorite restaurant and make a fancy night of it.

I hope you enjoyed this list of 50 Valentine’s Day and Anniversary ideas. My goal with creating this blog is to share with you all things that have made my relationship that much stronger. All of these ideas I’ve listed are perfect for any occasion and I promise they will make your partner the happiest person in the world. Love is about taking the time to show your significant other how much they mean to you and for me these 50 things have proven to be well worth the effort. I am always looking for creative things to make my boyfriend, Joshua. I created this blog hopefully to inspire some of you to truly take the time to make something special for your spouse. The effort taken is much more meaningful than any material object. Love is about sharing your life and soul with someone. Truly get to know them and by all means adapt any of these ideas to your spouses personal preferences. This list is designed as a guidance tool to hopefully spark many more creative date night ideas that would work specifically for your relationship. Thank you so much for reading and feel free to comment below!😊



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