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How Garnet Changed My Life

My vacation to the midwest has taught me many things, one of which is the enormous healing properties of Garnet. By traveling throughout the small towns in the midwest and enjoying the views along the way I stumbled upon many hidden gems... literally. Gem shops in every town and I couldn't help but go inside. As I entered Moab, Utah, one gem shop in particular caught my eye and was the reason for me learning about the healing properties of Garnet. On a rack where crystal necklaces hung, I was initially looking for a gift for my friends, when my eyes were immediately drawn to the garnet necklace hanging. I pulled out my phone and conducted my own research to be completely amazed by how the properties of Garnet aligned with what I so desperately needed on vacation... better health. With the temptations of fancy restaurants and the convenience of eating unhealthy, living as a type one diabetic can be challenging. Travel in particular makes life and blood sugars even more difficult to control. I am a firm believer in healthy diet and exercise in conjunction with insulin to control blood sugars, but unfortunately many diabetics suffer from not having the discipline to control their diet or exercise. That is why when I found out that Garnet was not only beneficial for blood related illnesses, but the immune system as well. Here below I will list why you should make Garnet one of your go-to crystals during meditations.


~Garnet has medicinal properties to reduce bodily toxins

~Garnet regenerates the body, stimulating metabolism

~Purifies the blood, heart, and regenerates DNA


~Brings courage and hope to seemingly difficult situations

~Stimulates actions towards achieving goals, desires, and positivity

~Prevent feelings of fear or hesitation

~Enhancing self-esteem and self-compassion

~Brings success in business matters

~Increases willpower

~Enhances creative ability


Now with all of these benefits its time for you to make sure Garnet is incorporated into your crystal collection. Worn as jewelry or as a stone, Garnet is especially powerful when used with meditation. A Mantra that is especially fitting for use with this crystal is "My challenges give me strength". in order to utilize this mantra effectively follow the steps below. (I recommend meditating in the morning for best results)

~Start by holding your garnet crystal envisioning the healing energy it radiates

~Start by slowly inhaling and exhaling making sure to not alter the breath but let it flow naturally

~Repeat the mantra at your own pace (You can do so out loud or in your mind)

~Envision the challenges that you are facing and how they are changing you for the good.

~Do this for at least 10 minutes or to whatever length you feel comfortable with


It is because of this crystal that I was recently inspired to take up running again and eat completely clean. Since I was introduced to the benefits of Garnet my blood sugars have not only been amazing but I have also cut down the amount of insulin I've needed. Getting back on track with my health would not have been possible if my chance encounter with the benefits of Garnet didn't occur. I am completely grateful for the inspiration and awareness Garnet brought into my life and I hope it brings the same inspiration into yours.


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