Health Benefits of Yoga

People always wonder what the importance of Yoga is. Through this blog I cannot emphasize only one health benefit. There is an expansive list of the benefits that  yoga provides to your body. The top ten benefits include reducing Depression, controlling Diabetes, controlling Hypertension, promoting a healthy heart, relieving back pain, curing stomach disorders, Osteoarthritis relief, treating Asthma and Arthritis, as well as contributing to weight loss. Everyone has struggled with at least one of these previously listed aliments, and yoga is one of the best ways to combat such problems. As for me I am struggling with Type One Diabetes. Never in my life have I respected the power of yoga until now. Yoga has helped me to not only lower my blood sugar, but has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life. Yoga has provided me with an outlet to disconnect my mind from the chaos of everyday life and connect me to the present moment. For these reason I cannot express enough how yoga has revolutionized my life, and I hope it does the same for you.