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Carly's Guide To: Journaling

In the wake of the New Year and resolutions are going unfulfilled, what are some ways that we can ensure journaling doesn't get lost in the daily chaos? In this blog I'm going to discuss with you guys the ways I make time to journal in my life as well as some ideas to get your journaling off on the right start.  I always love sparking creativity through my journaling ideas but with two jobs and a full time college student, I know first hand how hard it can be to fit journaling into your schedule. So for starters here are my top three ways to fit journaling into your everyday life.



A lot of times when we create our new years resolutions, we often create pretty lofty goals. Over time I've learned that in the past I have lost focus on my goals because I've created unrealistic expectations of what I want to achieve. So when you make your goals (especially journaling), make sure that you keep in mind that life won't always make it possible to journal everyday at 8pm on the dot. So instead start by journaling 3 times a week, or whenever free time presents itself. 



Journaling is supposed to be an enjoyable activity, not a chore, so if you missed a day or a week of journaling don't lose hope. When journaling flows with your daily life, you won't feel like you are forced by any means to write in your journal. My little tip is once it starts to feel like a chore...stop and reevaluate why it feels like that. Usually it's one of two reasons, you have too strict of a schedule of when you should journal (it doesn't fit into your life like planned) OR the format of how you are writing it is not helping you reflect and grow. Keep reading to get some ideas on how to fix that.



Many people have this misconception about journaling because they feel that you're only supposed to write about how your day went. While you can do that, journaling is so much more than a daily reflection. Don't feel wierd about journaling... below I will arm you with many ideas to get your journal started (check out pintrest for "bullet journal ideas" for more creative ways to write). Journaling is an art use it to declutter your mind and express your true happiness through coloring.



  1. Write down your bucket list
  2. Write down your goals (short term, long term)
  3. Do a 30 mental cleanse challenge (Check out pintrest for cool ideas)
  4. Create a mood tracker
  5. Write down the things that make you happy
  6. Write down inspirational quotes
  7. Affirmations
  8. Self care ideas
  9. Your ideal daily routine
  10. The best feelings you've experienced
  11. Food log
  12. A gratitude journal
  13. Healthy food ideas
  14. Workout routine
  15. Things you want to work on

I hope you guys take some inspiration from the ideas I previously listed. Journaling is so much more than a diary... it's a tool to help soothe your mind and live your best life. Use it to reflect on your current habits and give yourself the inspiration to live the life you've always dreamed of. 


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